Operation of the Grub-N-Rake®

Operating Instructions

    Proper position for grubbing with the Grub-N-Rake implement
  • GRUB - lower or fold down the grubber so that the pads on the back of the grubber arms are flush against the rake teeth directly behind them. If the grubber is not in contact with the rake teeth at all times while grubbing, damage may result to the linkage, lever, cylinder, the cylinder mount, or the rake mast.
  • Proper position for raking with the Grub-N-Rake implement
  • RAKE - use the hydraulic cylinder to raise the grubber up against the fence to perform raking operations.
  • GRAPPLE - carefully lower the grubber parallel to the ground being careful not to overpressure the hydraulic system. Work the grubber under the pile of brush, then raise it, capturing the brush pile between the grubber and the fence to transport it. Do not attempt to transport a heavy load, as it may damage the linkage or the hydraulic system.

Warnings and Precautions

  • HYDRAULIC CYLINDER - The only purpose of the hydraulic cylinder is to raise and lower the grubber. It is not intended to aid in lifting brush or trees once the grubber is in the ground. Use the lift capacity and pushing power of the skid-steer to aid in grubbing the brush or tree.
  • RAMMING to loosen the brush or tree is NOT the correct use or operation of the implement and could result in damages to the implement or the machine and will void any warranty.
  • BACKING - Do not back up the machine while grubbing without raising the implement at the same time. If you back without doing so, damage could result to the linkage, lever, cylinder, cylinder mount, or mast.


As with any piece of equipment, proper maintenance is important. For the Grub-N-Rake® this means proper lubrication at the grease points with a high quality grease. Frequency of greasing depends on the amount of use, which could be more than once daily during constant use. We will be happy to advise you on the recommended intervals for your project!

Please note that we cannot be responsible for improper operation or maintenance of the Grub-N-Rake®system.