Grub-N-Rake® Product List

The original Grub-N-Rake® is built with the Crow foot grubber. However, we also offer an 18" wide straight blade grubber that works better on brush with a multiple root system, such as Agarita. The wider straight blade system is also more efficient on the less visible root system of cactus.

Grub-N-Rake®(patented) with Crow Foot Grubber and hydraulics
Grub-N-Rake® (patented) with Straight Blade Grubber & hydraulics
Grubber with Quick Connect Plate - Crow Foot
Grubber with Quick Connect Plate - Square
Rake Only - with Quick Connect Plate
Attachments for Grub-N-Rake®
(No Hydraulics Included)
Grubber - Crow Foot
Grubber - Square Straight Blade
Quick Connect Plate Only

We keep parts in stock, such as pins, linkage, levers, and cylinders. While we have never had an incident of a broken tooth on the rake system with proper use, we do have the ability to repair that also.